Fleur, Tracy and Michelle – we are the 3friends!


The 3friends concept began with three friends, brought together by their love of art and crafting.  We have spent many hours together in the beautiful surrounds of the Natal Midlands of South Africa making, what we feel are products that are embellished with time, love and dedication. Crafting and art requires mindful investment of all three of the above and we recognize the value of hand-crafted goods and the necessary personal involvement each crafter or artist has in the items he or she creates.

From here came the idea of providing a place where artists and crafters can have access to the wider market of the internet and where people who love the unusual, quirky or just downright different can indulge their passion!

The three of us have a strong commitment to social upliftment and on our site we provide a place where people whose creations you might not normally get to see, have a chance to showcase their creativity and thereby generate additional income. We believe passionately in encouraging the growth of small businesses and want women in particular to have the opportunity to generate an income of their own.

With all this in mind, the 3friends was born and we bring to you the best of what our country has to offer in art and hand-made crafts.  We hope you enjoy your time spent here with us.